Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Clean Clean Swiss Swiss

What exactly does "Clean Clean Swiss Swiss" mean?

In May, I received my BFA in Graphic Design from Montana State University, giving me the ability to now call myself a Graphic Designer semi-officially (I'll be fully official upon getting a job, I figure).

My parents John and Liz own Finegan/Thompson, a design firm in Jackson Hole, WY where I grew up. After school I would walk to their office and wait until 5ish when they were finished with work. Most of my time there was spent making a mess of their Prismacolors and spinning around in office chairs until I was too sick to eat dinner. Somehow between my busy drawing and spinning, I picked up a design aesthetic.

Most of this aesthetic was defined by my parents' taste, which is best described as "clean clean swiss swiss". Some tenets of this aesthetic are: simple but clever design solutions, solid colors, forced connections and visual metaphors, and of course, no papyrus. Overall, just clean, clean like the swiss would make it.

This philosophy guides this blog and my design.

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