Monday, August 23, 2010


I am fascinated by infographics. They present multiple layers of information in a visually pleasing way. Additionally, the different data presented together can provide an enhanced meaning. This infographic was made as a collaboration between Good Magazine and Hyperakt and charts the various ways in which people are hurt at Burning Man, as well as how they were treated or evacuated.

While I'm as interested in the Burning Man festival as the next person, I don't particularly want to know how people got hurt there. This graphic is appealing enough to make me interested in learning more about both the festival and the injuries as a result of it. It's also informative without being over-loaded with statistics and the non-numerical, visual cues aide in my understanding of the information.

Infographics are utilitarian at their utmost. While the ability to inform and the ability to draw attention go hand in hand, it is important that an infographic remain easy to read, quickly. This infographic does so well enough that it could be placed around the Burning Man festival to remind participants as well as to enhance the artistic nature inherent to the event.

This graphic manages to present just enough information to be relevant and visually appealing.

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