Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What Does it Spell, What Does it Mean?

Decorative fonts aren't in following with my aesthetics of "clean clean swiss swiss". Decorative indicates there is more there than the bare essentials, and added fluff has always seemed to me to detract from, rather than add to the communicative efficiency of the design.

Cumulus & Foam the typeface by Stefan Kjartansson for You Work for Them was recently raved about in Print magazine (Aug. 2010 p.47).

"What does it spell, what does it mean?" asks the describer of the font on youworkforthem.com. I ask myself the same question when looking at this font and this is why I like it. In Cumulus & Foam, the decoration is the message. This typeface is such that each person reading it will see something unique in the blending of colors, the shape of the letters and in the space between and within the letters. The unique meaning we derive from the words becomes more important than what the letters spell.

Thus, I make an exception to my disdain for decorative type. Fabulous.

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